About us

The Woodspring Trust is a UK registered charity offering funding to projects around the world with outstanding potential to achieve long lasting nature conservation outcomes.

The Trust typically awards two to four grants each year.

The aims of the Trust are:

  1. Promoting research for the public benefit in the protection, improvement and conservation of the physical and natural environment and biodiversity.
  2. To promote the conservation of the physical and natural environment by promoting biodiversity.

The Woodspring Trust award provides the successful project with international recognition of its special, high potential to achieve outstanding nature conservation outcomes, and financial support to achieve these outcomes.

Applications will be considered in terms of the likely benefit of the proposed project. The successful project will be the one out of all applications which, in the view of the Trustees, has the highest potential to make the most substantial, lasting, positive impact on the conservation of biodiversity and the environment for the funds requested.

To date, awards have ranged from £8 000 to £30 000.